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MJ's Equine Art Studios

All The Noise

All The Noise

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**Maggie is now offering an additional layer of metallic green paint to be applied to your individual print. This will create a textured feel to your artwork. This paint shines brighter and adds contrast in different lighting. The new textured prints will be limited to 150 copies of each size. The original prints will be limited to 300 copies in each size.**

All The Noise was created to highlight all the confusion and chaos in our society. Our food, medicines, technology, culture programming is literally destroying us from the inside out. Chaos, Overwhelm, escapism, Grief. In fact, this distress is impacting our animals also, the last place of solace we have. 

It's time to become healthy and heal from the inside out. Even healing and learning about a healthier lifestyle is overwhelming at times. You have to completely unlearn everything you've been taught about health and nutrition. As well as being open minded to different detox methods and reintroducing the food medicine you need.

When Maggie creates originals she hopes to emotionally relate to her audience based on how they may already be feeling. Being honest about where you are is the first place to start your healing journey.

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