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Embodied - Original

Embodied - Original

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22" by 28" acrylic on canvas.


Embodied means to be an expression of. This particular painting is about allowing, allowing yourself to feel the emotions you need to feel to grieve. Embodied was one of the first paintings Maggie created when she started the grieving process from losing her sister Lacey. Maggie left her dreams of working with horses in order to search for spiritual healing. Her first step of grieving was allowing herself to feel. Although Embodied was the first painting for Maggie to create it is not the first painting in the timeline of her Grief Water Series. Here is a poem she wrote for the painting Embodied.


Let her be

She needs to feel it

Let her sink

She needs to embrace

Let her leave

So she wants to come back

Let her sing

For it’s her sorrows who need to escape her

Make her dance

She can’t grasp how it felt

She is salty

For the ocean holds her

Let her emerge

It’s going to be a symphony

Let her cower

For it’s the next fight she’s getting ready for

Let her ride the rollercoaster

She needs the highs

But needs to feel the lowest of lows

Let her cry

It needs to leave her body

Let her be embodied

Let her embody others

Let her recreate herself

So she can live the life she always dreamed of
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