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Grief Became Her - Original

Grief Became Her - Original

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Grief Became Her

This particular piece was inspired from the elated feeling you get when you start to heal after loss. You become bonded to something that broke you to your core. From enduring grief it becomes your strength. You are not ashamed of it anymore; it becomes who you are. Grief is stronger than you that’s why you need to join forces with it. This poem elaborates on coming to this understanding.

Grief is stronger than you
If we didn’t keep track of time
If didn’t have calendar days
My body would still remember when you left
If seasons didn’t change and it was always sunny
I would still shiver when that time was coming
We can manifest the life of our dreams
But we can lose our community
You’re in a different world
I’m in the same one still missing you
Grief is stronger than you
Rejecting grief or turning away from her only makes her impact stronger
Like trying to brace from a strong current
You will just get swallowed whole
What if I become grief
Can I be as strong as her
The waves will still come but I will be floating on her back
I will be carried by her current
It will take me across the world
When I am ready to dive deep
I will sink to her ocean’s floor
And sit with her
As I look into the face of grief
She looks back at me and says
“I am not only suffering but I am also love. I feel like torment but I am actually your healing”
If opposites are true
You are me and I am you
There was never a fight in the first place if we were always on the same side of the loss
The guilt you feel for death
Is the evidence of your love
If you continue to be happy it doesn’t mean you’ve never lost
Moving forward doesn’t mean we don’t look back
Moving forward doesn’t mean we forget
Grief is stronger than me
But I am apart of her, my strength comes from a force of nature
What broke me at my core, built me a new fortress, a new home
She challenged my beliefs
I am not separate from the deceased
They haven’t been casted out
They have been reborn inside of me
Because I am grief
I am the space between the lost and living
I am connected to everything
I can feel her power
We are grief
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