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I Found Her- Original

I Found Her- Original

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36" by 48" acrylic on canvas.

I Found Her connects the inner child and the adult version of us. Through life we look for things outside of us when the answer is always to run back to ourselves. This painting could also be interpreted for a parent losing a child. Even though the child has passed away in the physical realm somehow they come back to us in beautiful ways. Death is not an ending but merely a transition.


I left her

I left her, to find the higher road.

I left her, to feel safe.

I left her, to be a shadow in someone else’s story to only find cloudy days.

I found her in the darkest of places.

I found her on the floor.

I found her completely naked stripped of her roses and armor.

When I found her the world stopped spinning.

When I found her time wasn’t important.

When I found her I realized she was all I needed.

When I found her I felt closer to people’s hearts and further from their minds.

I decided to love her.

I decided to listen to her.

She invites the unknown and calls it beautiful.

She speaks freely as it is abundant.

She sees herself in everyone and everyone in herself.

She realizes separation comes from a fear of never being safe.

She lets connection flow from her, covering the masses in her paint.

She allows her art to speak, as her soul mission, she deeply desires to bring back connection flooding a disconnected world.

She understands herself as one being but also understands she is inner-connected with the whole universe.

As she allows her art to speak she knows it will awaken the walking dead and the lost.

She doesn’t call herself the conductor but she claims to be an instrument of many in the greatest orchestra.

It’s her inner world who gets to tell the story

Being alone is no longer scary because she is a vessel that always has a continuous flow.

Her world is made up of people we’ve thought we once lost and also of beings yet to see this earth.

I will no longer leave her for mediocre company

I will no longer leave her without paying attention to the inner work

I will no longer abandon you

You are all I have

And I just love that

I will never leave her

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