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Interconnected - Original

Interconnected - Original

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Along our way we might forgot where we come from and try to disassociate with the versions of ourselves we don’t like. Why can’t we love ourselves through all stages.. and look back with acceptance.. it’s almost necessary I think. You might still be holding onto shame and guilt if you really dislike something about yourself or a stage you were going through. You were just trying to find your way. And it’s okay. 

Interconnected I wandered to the water thinking I would leave something there

Leave something behind

Thinking that maybe I would be someone different when I left

Like shedding an old version of myself

As they might say

Instead of removing I gained something instead

I found love for the old version of me

Who doesn’t know everything

Who still doesn’t know everything

I found acceptance

I chose not to reject her once more

The version that felt unsafe, undesirable

Detachment felt like the best solution

Escaping reality, to whatever reality I created and believed it to be

But instead I found myself interconnected with everything

Interconnected with everything that is powerful

Interconnected to everything that needs healing Interconnected with all the versions of self I believe I have

It’s complete that way I am not whole without her

She was curious

She found her way

She was so brave

She was interconnected to the woman she’s always dreamed of being

I am all that I have

But I can be so much more When I am interconnected

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