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16” by 20” and 24" by 30" print sizes of the original Interconnected. There will be a limit of 300 prints in each size.

This piece is inspired by this poem:


I wandered to the water thinking I would leave something there

Leave something behind

Thinking that maybe I would be someone different when I left

Like shedding an old version of myself

As they might say

Instead of removing

I gained something instead

I found love for the old version of me

Who doesn’t know everything

Who still doesn’t know everything

I found acceptance

I chose not to reject her once more

The version that felt unsafe, undesirable

Detachment felt like the best solution

Escaping reality, to whatever reality I created and believed it to be

But instead I found myself interconnected with everything

Interconnected with everything that is powerful

Interconnected to everything that needs healing

Interconnected with all the versions of self I believe I have

It’s complete that way

I am not whole without her

She was curious

She found her way

She was so brave

She was interconnected to the woman she’s always dreamed of being

I am all that I have

But I can be so much more

When I am interconnected


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