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She Left Me - Original

She Left Me - Original

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She Left Me follows the painting the Soul’s Abyss. She’s really feeling the loss more than she ever has and of course she blames herself. There is always a feeling that there is more I could have done. Self harm feels good in the face of loss because punishment is what you feel you deserve. There is also an anger towards the person who passed away. Why did you leave us.


You Left Me

You lost your hunger

You lost your thirst

You didn’t want to taste anymore

Can you hear the cries of your mother

Can you feel the blade in your father

Can you see my hands around my own throat

It’s the only thing that feels satisfying

Can you see the baby Lindsay is carrying

Can you see the man you stripped from your brother

Can you see the man you’re making him to be

You left us

You left me

You didn’t want to taste anymore

I wish I didn’t need you

I wish I didn’t love you

Can you hear them

Can you see them

You are my worst feeling

My greatest disappointment

A beautiful let down

You didn’t have to give up

Maggie had to be feeling really low to say these things about you

All she wanted to do is to protect you

All she wants to do is walk beside you

Do you get to watch us

Do you get to see

You took so much when you left

Can I have my things back now?

What happened to my strength, where is my courage

Where is my comfort?

Where is my sanity?

You must have needed those things when you watched me

When you watched us

I can see the knife in your stomach

I can see the imaginary baby you’re holding onto

I can see you reaching for your brother

I can’t protect you from that

I can’t walk with you now

How dare you

How dare you

Please tell me you can taste again

Tell me you thirst for water

Tell me you can reach your brother

Tell me you can sooth your mother

Tell me you can rock Lindsay’s child

Show me you can use my hands and put them to good work

Show me you can heal your father, revive his stomach, and straighten his back

Tell me you won’t leave again

Show me that you will stay

You’re not allowed to leave a second time

Surely it’s impossible

Reveal yourself in my dreams

Reveal yourself through the spiritual realm

Show me

Show us

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